One big game

The first pawn has been moved.
As the hand slides over the board, everything seems to fade out of sight

Ok Ok Ok.

So we have our avid adventurers who were all confronted in their separate cities, by a lone human, and half-orc. Upon being approached the human steps forward and tells each person. “You’ve been summoned by our Battle Lord. Do you wish to come with us, or shall we force you to come with us?”

Thankfully, all of our beloved adventurers accepted to come of their own free will. They were all given a slip of paper, sealed with wax, that told them of a local dock, and a boat that would be waiting for each of them.

Upon arriving to each of their respective docks, they are shown the room in which they will wait in until they arrive at their location. When they arrive at the “Wooden Island”, which is a series of boats tied up to one main Battle Ship in the middle. They are taken onto the largest of the ships, and taken down into the bottom of the ship. Where they meet Three-Claws, a tall slender hooded figure.


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